How and where to buy a car online

Car Buying online

Car buying guide

1. When you buy a car, you must choose a car that meet your needs the best.† It is always nice to buy a new car if you have the money.† But if you have to borrow money, new car prices can be up to 40-50% more than the same used car of about a year or two old.† From a financial point of view, a new car is not a good investment.


2. Your car has to be practical and fit your budget.† Also consider the carís fuel economy and maintenance cost.† You may be able to pick up a good second hand car at a good price.† But if you buy an old V8 Mercedes, your running cost and maintenance cost will be very high.


3. If you buy a second hand car, check if parts are readily available for that vehicle.† If you buy an imported car, this might be a problem.


4. If you buy a used car, test drive the car first.† A car well maintained is the best car to buy.


5. Make sure you have the carís service record and gather as much detail as you can.


6. Make sure the car was not in an accident.


7. Become acquainted with the car dealers in your area.† It may be wise to buy from a car dealer in order to have good backup service.† But remember that you will pay a bit more at a dealer.




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