How and where to buy a car online

Car Buying online

New Car Prices

New car prices are extremely high in South Africa, not only if you compare vehicle prices with overseas prices, but also if you consider the price of a car relative to income and the buying power of the Rand.

A large portion of the cost of a new vehicle is allocated to import tax or other taxes. Other than that, the profit margin on new cars are much higher than our overseas counterparts.

Make sure that you can afford a new car. If you have to borrow money to buy a new car, you might want to carefully consider if you are making a good investment.

Also consider that you will need insurance on a new vehicle. You no not want your new car in an accident uninsured.

One of the best sources of new car prices is the CAR Magazine. It is n good idea to obtain one if you attempt to buy a new car. Therein you can also compare specs and features.






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